Emotions Reloaded

21 May

I would tell you how I feel but you wouldn’t listen
I showed you how I feel but you took it as my weakness
Been a year since we got reacquainted and never did I expect it to get this far
Knew I recognized you and I knew you drove that car
It started off slow, had my guard up
You didn’t let that get to you cuz you had your own up
You are a hustler, only money is on your mind, you get it for yourself, your kids and I respect that kind.
I respected your grind, I respected your time, and I knew when you were available that my name came to mind. We kicked it more and more, and comfortable ain’t even the word, you became my homeboy and I became your homegirl.
It was a passionate friendship and feelings got involved, but the deeper it got the more true feelings evolved. I saw the inconsideration, selfishness and disrespect.
Told you to change that, ok I will is what you said.
It didn’t change, it got worse me putting my all into you and you taking it all in for yourself. Bank account was low, couldn’t look to you for help, gas low, couldn’t look to you for help, got pregnant, couldn’t look to you for help. I was there whenever you called, but where were you when I needed it all.
I had to realize those words you said, didn’t mean a thing because you had your own situation, before we became a “fling” I considered being friends but that didn’t last because I was still being loyal and you were still an ass.
I accepted being played and learned that some ppl never change. I can show you real, but I can’t teach you the game.
I hope you realize one day that you fxcked over a good chick.
But it’s cool cuz that experience made her say fxck nxggas and get rich!

(New Single)Beyonce-God Made You Beautiful

23 Nov

So my godmother Beyonce releases a new single called “God Made You Beautiful”, which is a special tribute to her daughter Blue Ivy. This single will be apart of the of release of the Life Is But A Dream DVD hitting stores this Tuesday. Take a listen and let me know what you think!

This song is sweet and pulls you into Bey’s voice immediately. With the sweet lyrics from mother to daughter, you can also dedicate this to any loved one, child or not.

Beyonce-God Made You Beautiful

Patience is Key

22 Nov

I wake up and I wish I could call or text and say good morning
I wish I could roll over and feel your body next to me
I wish I could pull up on you at any time and tell you I missed you
Wishing for too long to have someone to love
Love is crazy but I am too
I’ll do anything just to see if the word love was true
Is it pure, is it sweet
Will it haunt me in my sleep
I want it to be a dream that I’ll never wake up from
Cuz in life you’ll love some but I want to be in love with one
It takes me 10 min to write my feelings
10 years to get these feelings and 10 days to realize who won’t feel them
Because I see through the bs I see through the lies
I see who’s trying to finesse me and who’s just trying to get in between my thighs
So I wait
I focus on me
I do everything I’m supposed to
I work, go to school and sleep
I feel good, I get things accomplished
But what’s an accomplishment without someone you love near you telling you “you got it”
I don’t want just anybody I want my man, my love, my husband, my true romance
I don’t care how long it takes, with time he will be great and when he comes along my feelings won’t wait
I’ll know when it’s him and the friendship will begin.
I’ll define love and loyalty till the very end.

Fallen Angel D.Reed

18 Oct


Friend of mine, Demarius Reed junior wide receiver for Eastern Michigan University Eagles, was found this morning shot to death in an off campus apartment hallway. He is a graduate from Simeon High School and a family orientated and ambitious young man. He made an impact on many and is a football icon. Whoever commited this crime will be brought to justice. Right now I send prayers to his family and I am asking those who read this to do the same. RIP DEMARIUS REED.


Let Fashion Speak Passion-I ❤️ Red

17 Oct


Distraction Thoughts

17 Oct

Love is a crazy thing. It’s supposed to be “romantic” “everlasting” “special” but I never felt that. I felt the love that brought pain, betrayal, and sometimes good times. What is it? Is it the best of both? Can you love someone that makes you feel so special but can also make you feel so low? Can you love someone for who they are and not who they used to be? Do you learn how to love through your break ups or from the reasons why you made up? I’m asking these questions because never have I felt special. No one has taken those steps to make me feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world. That makes me want to make myself feel like the luckiest girl in the world, I don’t need a relationship, but it’s something I would like to have.

I have learned that a lot of potential arguments can be avoided through listening and calm communication, and that being in relations with someone, you must invest time (more then 3 months) getting to know this person. A lot of people pass the dating stage and go to casual sex then consider that dating. What comes easy never lasts, so no one will take fast ass, as something to commit to. The rules have changed in this generation, people are settling and others aren’t trying hard enough. I’ll be single as long as I want until I feel like there is a connection or chemistry between someone and we share similar values. It’s beyond physical attraction, or that first time feeling of, maybe this person could be mine. You must have multiple reminders of why this person may be right for you, as well as, find a couple flaws you can look past. No one is perfect, especially not me. So, I’ll continue to focus on myself, and maybe looking at other peoples situations, I can learn do’s and dont’s when in a relationship or dating. Of course I’ll handle things my way anyway. Lol good night

Enjoy The Day

11 Jun

It’s 82 degrees today, so I’m staying in under a fan cuz my skin and heat don’t get along. Usually when the weather is this warm, it alters people’s moods. I hope everyone is safe today and stays alert in their surroundings. It’s a beautiful day to go to the lake, beach, downtown, anywhere where there is water nearby. I have to work in a couple hours so I will be enjoying my night time air. Also, a young lady by the name of April was killed last night due to gun violence, as well as, an autistic boy was stabbed to death by mother and godmother, because of his behavior. Please keep both families in your prayers, they are in mine. Have a blessed day and be safe. Don’t let anyone take away your happiness.


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